Amazon Reported to be Working on a New Messaging App Called Anytime

Chat by Amazon Anytime is Coming

Amazon Anytime

Through my morning ritual of reading up on the news, there was one that stuck out from the other headlines, Amazon to be working on a messaging app called Anytime. The article I read, originally posted on AFTVNews, explains several things that could come right out of the box with Amazon Anytime.  Anytime could be a messaging service that competes with services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger .

What does it do?  What makes it different from other messaging apps?

Anytime is a messaging service that will allow it’s users to message their friends by name only, and that phone numbers will not be required.  At this point if that is using a user’s existing Amazon login and/or hooking in with other popular social networks is unclear.  Another feature that a lot of people care about is security and Anytime claims that folks will be able to encrypt a message end-to-end with others to protect sensitive information.  At this time, I’m unsure if this feature is on by default or not and that users will need to specify if they want a specific message to be encrypted.

Aside from your typical messaging service, Anytime will also come featured with Voice and Video messaging as well.  Not too long ago, Amazon introduced the launch of Amazon Chime, an enterprise meeting platform with voice, video and webinar style video service.  If we were to guess, Anytime will likely utilize the same backend infrastructure to power it’s services.  There is also talk of a photo sharing feature with tagging capability.

The app will be able to be used across all devices from your desktop, tablet, smart phones and possibly smart watches.  This service may also be introduced to function alongside Amazon Alexa for messaging and video calling (it would make sense anyways).

I will say, that as soon as there is an app available to try, I’ll be giving it a go.  Amazon is always pushing the envelope and wedging itself nicely in the market even when there are already companies that dominate the space.  I gave Amazon Chime a go a while back and was impressed with it’s launch.  I have no doubt that Amazon Anytime will impress right out of the box.

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