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Small Business with WordPress

Consider WordPress for your website.  No, really.

WordPress isn’t just for bloggers anymore (and has been a major player for a long time now).  If you’re a small business and on a budget, or even those that are just getting started out and looking for a solution that can power your website while bringing you a mobile-ready website that’s great at SEO right out of the box, you shouldn’t have to look any further than WordPress. Seriously consider finding someone to help you leverage WordPress for small business.  There has always been a thought around WordPress for being mostly for bloggers and small 1-4 page websites.  In reality, WordPress powers some very large and complex sites (and handles them well).

So don’t discount WordPress just yet.  When you’re in the market for a CMS, there are several big players out there that you’ll likely be finding yourself taking a look at.  Some of these include Drupal, Joomla, Kentico, among many others.  And I’m not going to discredit these other CMS’s, they all have pros that come with them.

What I really like about WordPress is a couple of things.  They’ve been here for a very long time.  They’re licensed under GPL v2+ which means that you are free to use the CMS without paying a thing.  Reason being, the WordPress Foundation is a massive believer in being community driven.  You’ll find pages upon pages of community involvement and love for the platform, folks creating their own themes, plugins, addons, support communities and more.  This is what I really love about it.

So there are big sites powered by WordPress you say?

Like what?  Take a look at some of these names, you’d be surprised to see that these are all, powered by WordPress.  There’s no doubt that WordPress can’t handle a complex and / or large website.

BBC America

Bloomberg Professional


Beyonce (yeah, that’s right)

Sony Music (yup, Sony)

Acella loves WordPress

There are a conglomerate of reasons that we could talk about all day long about why we chose to develop in WordPress.  Maintenance is streamlined, automation of the platform is simplified, migrations are made easy, flexibility, scalability, runs on almost anything, the list goes on.  We chose (for now) to develop strictly in WordPress as it’s what we know best.  We would prefer to be really, really good in one area that just kind of “eh” in many.  Providing value is our #1 goal, and we can’t do that if we’re a jack of all trades but a master at none.  You’ve heard the saying.

Bit of a Pro-tip.  Find out what platform a website is using with an easy Google Chrome extension

If you find yourself admiring a website on the web, and are curious as to what they’re using to power their website, there is a free Google Chrome Extension that allows you to easily tell what CMS they’re using and often times what addons they have as well.

The extension is called Wappalyzer and it’s a phenomenal little tool that’s extremely helpful in identifying the underlying technology powering websites out there.  If you do end up installing it, don’t be surprised when you see WordPress on 🙂

Well done WordPress, well done sir.

Well Done WordPress

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