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Picking apples is easier with the right tools

Choosing the right tools

As autumn settles in here in New England the environment around us changes rather dramatically. Leaves are changing to the various quintessential shades of yellow, orange, and red. Fog rises off the lakes. It’s cool at night and warm during the day. It’s a wonderful time to live and work in our region. Autumn also invariably inspires thoughts of apple picking. There’s a simple pleasure to walking through an orchard and looking for the best apples, then once you find one, reaching up and plucking it, setting it carefully in your wooden basket. So what does this have to do with the right tools for my website?

Let’s dive into this metaphore a bit further. Sometimes there are perfect apples, ripe for the picking, right within arm’s reach. Often, though, the best ones are just out of your grasp, which makes sense, when you think about it. Other people (and sometimes deer) have already been where you are and many times they’ve gotten the literal low-hanging fruit. With the right tools, however, you can still reap a bountiful harvest with hardly any additional effort.

Your website needs those right tools!

An apple picking stick basket - the right tools for the jobThe same story holds true for digital marketing. The truth is, driving new business can be a serious challenge, especially for a small business. How do you reach the fruit which was out of the grasp of others? The right tools, of course! When we’re talking about apples, that could mean a fruit picking stick or a simple ladder. When we shift the discussion to sales leads, your website is a big part of the Rube-Goldberg machine that is the sales process.

From SEO, good copywriting, speed, and clean design to clear calls-to-action, there are myriad ways to make your site produce more leads for you. We even offer a free site assessment among other free resources, to help you get a feel for where you stand.

Automate all the things!

Here is where the real power behind your website comes into play. Automation. Remember that Rube-Goldberg machine I mentioned above? Your website can be just like one of those, in which a potential customer arrives at your site and is guided through a series of content that is increasingly relevant to them, ultimately ending with a call to action so that you can help them find a product or solve a problem they have. When you’re using the right tools, this all happens “automagically”, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your website really can (and should!) be your best salesperson.

A quick example

Choosing the right tools goes both ways though, which is why we love sitting down to discuss the end goals with our potential partners. We recently sat down with a new partner and discussed some options with them for their new site. In the process of that discussion, we realized that our initial perception of their goal for the new site was actually in need of some adjustment. We were able to collaboratively come up with a novel approach to both deliver immediately helpful information to the visitor and drive that visitor through the pipeline so that our partner could follow up in a meaningful way. With the right tools in place, this partner will be able to make more relevant, lasting relationships with their prospective clients.

Wrapping “Right Tools, Right Results” all up

Your site truly is the digital face of your company. As such, it has the power to influence potential customers, but more than that, it also can gather crucial information from them that will help you make relevant decisions as you begin to understand their needs and desires. And it all comes down to having the right tools to get the results you’re looking for.


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