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Small Business Development – Your processes and the art of writing things down

Small Business Development - Quantification

Innovation, Quantification, Orchestration

Keep these three words in mind.  We’re going to focus on Quantification mostly in this article and tackle the others later.  These three words are spoken of frequently in a book called the E-Myth.  The E-Myth is a highly successful book written by Michael Gerber.  The E-Myth is one of many books that Michael has written and he has transformed thousands of businesses in how they operate and think of their business.  Including us.  We’re here to focus on Quantification.

Be accountable for what you see in your future

Quantification is the art of writing things down as you do them.  As entrepreneurs we are so focused on the future, and what that looks like.  Where we’d like to see our business and ourselves when we are successful.  Problem that we have all too often, is that we are constantly focused on innovation.  How can we make this process better, what if we implemented this service or this product, what if we expanded into this region?  We’re full of questions.

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Implement, Document, Measure

When the time comes to implement, we do exactly that, and we watch.  At this point, what have we written down or documented?  Maybe that we did something.  At the minimum. But did we document how we did it?  The whole goal here is to quantify what you did, how you did it, how that performed, how you can measure what you found, and how you can innovate again.

Quantify, Delegate, Innovate

There’s a saying that you may hear.  “If you don’t write it down, you’ll never own it, and if you never own it, you’ll never DO it.”  Think about that for a moment.  Let’s take it back a little bit.  Say you figure out the best way to sell something.  Write it down.  Every little step.  From how you started off the email, to how many days before you follow up, how you follow up, when do you call, how you write up a quote, how you close a deal.  Write it all down.  Once you have all of that written down, you can now delegate that task to another individual.  This gives you the extra time you need to focus back on innovation.

To close it up, here’s a phenomenal resource

All of this is a very small portion of my perspective on only one area of the quantification process that Michael Gerber talks about.  If you haven’t, and you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or looking to start a business, I highly recommend giving this book a read.  It’s a quick read and will change your outlook on business forever.  You can find Michael’s e-book here:

We offer a free resource that can help you wrap your mind around digital marketing and the pieces that make it all work.  Feel free to download, print, share with your co-workers.

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