Acella Technologies Web Development Code


  • Speed optimized code
  • Industry standard frameworks
  • Extensibility at the core

 Web Development

  • Custom code, built to perform

  • "Never Outsourced" Guarantee

  • Web development by locals

Our Code

Our Code

  • Minification of code for speed

  • Grouped CSS and JS to keep things tidy

  • "Less is More" approach to code

Great Code, Great Site

Visitors to your website don't see the actual code that comprises the site, so why do we care so deeply about code quality? Let's break down the reasons.


Websites display only as quickly as the code behind them can be processed. This means that sites using "spaghetti code" that load and process inefficiently, as a rule, load more slowly than sites built with speed optimization built in.


More than an industry buzzword, an extensible system is one whose internal structure and data flow are minimally or not affected by new or modified functionality - so your site can be modified, updated, and overhauled with no impact to the core functionality of the site.


By using industry standard frameworks, the future support of your site is made less complex. This means that supporting your site is simpler, it's easier to enhance, and reduces the effort of adding functionality.


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